Stephen George

Stephen George

Stephen is the Senior Pastor at Trinity Church Modbury.

He loves seeing people come to know Jesus and his significance for every aspect of their lives. He also loves seeing every person using their God-given gifts to serve God and each other.

Stephen is married to Cathy and they have four kids. He likes to dabble in some mountain bike riding, ‘barista-ing’, fishing and gardening.

Stephen loves nature. He’s amazed by the beauty and the complexity of this world, and these things sing out to him that there’s a God who stands behind it all. He’s even more amazed by the beauty and the depth of Jesus’ words. Hearing the voice of Jesus changed the course of Stephen’s life forever.

Some of his roles at Trinity Church Modbury involve welcoming in newcomers, helping people use their gifts to serve, and overseeing Trinity Kids.

Associate Pastor
Mark Curran