Youth (Years 7-12)

Youth (Years 7-12)

We want our young people to know and love God, and to build their lives firmly on Jesus as they navigate the teenage years and beyond. Our Friday night and Sunday morning youth ministries provide our year 7-12s with a space to learn about God from the Bible, ask questions, build good friendships – and of course have fun!

Friday Nights

Seek is a combined youth group between Trinity Church Modbury, Campbelltown, Golden Grove and Para Hills. We meet at the Modbury Primary School gym (drop-off and access via Iliad Grove) from 6:30pm to 8:45pm for dinner, games and Bible studies in small groups. It’s a great chance to grow in relationship with Jesus alongside one another. Anyone in years 7-12 is welcome, whether you attend one of our churches or not.

In Term 2, we’ll be looking at the topic of prayer. There are lots of questions we might have about prayer… How do we pray? What should we pray about?  Does praying achieve anything? And more personally, how do we deal with those things we pray to God about but see no answer for? 

The goal for this term is that we come away not just understanding more about prayer, but building our lives on it.

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Trinity Youth is a combined event between all of the youth groups across the Trinity network. These nights are held in Week 5 of each term at Temple Christian College (Mile End Campus) and include games, food, music and a short talk aimed at helping our young people see how the message of the Bible connects with real life. Cost is $5 per attendee, and can be paid on the night.

Registration & Donations

SEEK 2024 Online Registration Form
SEEK 2024 Online Donations Link

We don’t want to make cost a barrier for anyone attending, but we encourage families to make a $5 donation per night per attendee (via the link above) to help us cover costs like venue hire. There are separate costs for events like Trinity Youth nights, camps or our Bounce social night in Term 3. 


On Sunday mornings during our church service, youth in years 7-10 can head out after the talk with two leaders to chat about how the talk applies to their lives.

Safe Ministry

All leaders involved in children’s and youth ministry at Trinity Church Modbury are safe ministry approved as per the requirements of the State Government and the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide. Please get in touch if you have any questions about our child protection policies.


During school term, a weekly email is sent to all parents subscribed to our email list, with information about upcoming events etc. You can sign up to receive these emails when you fill in the online registration for your child. 


Please email for more information.