Exploring Christianity?

Exploring Christianity?

We believe that what the Bible says about Jesus is the most awesome, life-changing news ever. We’d love to help you explore who Jesus is and what Christianity is all about.

We run a regular event called Life, which is for anyone wanting to find out more about Christianity.

Jesus made lots of extraordinary claims about himself… including that he alone can offer us “life to the full”. Is he right? Is what the Bible says about Jesus true? And if so, what difference does it make to my life?

Life is a relaxed four-week series that anyone is welcome to attend. Each week we enjoy some food and drink, hear a short talk, and have the chance to ask any questions you want. There’s no cost, and you won’t be put on the spot in any way. 

Life is run in partnership with Trinity Churches Campbelltown, Golden Grove and Para Hills. 

Check out our events page for details of our next Life dates.