Mark Curran

Mark Curran

Mark is the Associate Pastor at Trinity Church Modbury.

He grew up going to church and believing in God, but it was only at the age of 19 that he grasped what it meant to be saved by God’s grace, not his own efforts. His great joys in ministry over the years have been seeing others come to this same realisation and begin building their lives on Jesus. He loves discipling and encouraging young people in their faith, and watching them serve God and one another with their gifts.

Mark is married to Alecia, and they have two very young boys. When he’s not changing nappies, Mark enjoys running, gymming, reading and drinking coffee.

Mark’s key roles at Trinity Church Modbury are overseeing mission and youth ministry. His prayer is that many in Adelaide’s north will put their trust in Jesus over the coming years.

Magnification Leader
Sally Oster
Senior Pastor
Stephen George