The Last Days – How’s It All Going To End?
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The Last Days – How’s It All Going To End?

“North Korea; Syria; ISIS; Egypt; Global Warming; Erosion of Freedom of Speech; Institutional Child Abuse; Lone Wolf Terrorist Attacks”

It’s hard for a day to go by in the 24 hour news cycle and not find some disturbing article written about at least one of these places or topics. It’s no wonder there’s something of a climate of doom in our world today and yet, apparently, we are in a greater time of peace and prosperity than perhaps ever before! That knowledge in itself, if it could possibly be true, is somewhat depressing.

Where’s it all heading? How’s it all going to end?

The Bible’s answer is terrifying, beautiful & surprising. It is also absolutely critical for every believer to know, because whether this world realises it or not, we are in the last days & have been for almost 2000 years now!