All of us in some way are looking for a “good life” that always seems just a bit out of reach. Jesus claims that he alone offers us “life to the full”.

Could he be right?

Life is a four-week series for anyone who wants to explore what life with Jesus is all about.

Each night runs from 7.30-9pm at the Sfera’s Starlight room. There’ll be a talk, plus plenty of time to eat, drink and chat together. It’s a relaxed & friendly environment, there’s no cost, you can ask any questions you want, and everyone is welcome.

Here are the topics we’ll cover:

Week 1 – How can I have a good life?

Week 2 – What’s wrong with the world? And what’s the solution?

Week 3 – Is there life after death?

Week 4 – What does life with Jesus look like?

Life is run in partnership between Trinity Church Campbelltown, Golden Grove, Modbury and Para Hills.

Teenage attendees are welcome. The presence of a parent or guardian is recommended given we meet at a venue which serves alcohol.