“The Kitchen Tea Leah Never Had” – An Event for Women & Girls
  • 87 North Terrace Adelaide 5000

  • Trinity City

“The Kitchen Tea Leah Never Had” – An Event for Women & Girls

Who doesn’t enjoy a kitchen tea for a soon-to-be bride? Especially when the “bride” is Leah from the Bible who, we figure, probably missed out on this celebration (read Genesis 29 for the full story). So, just for fun, we’re throwing The Kitchen Tea Leah Never Had! There will be kitchen tea style games, coffee, morning tea, lunch, some short Bible talks from Emily Just (AFES) and lots of time for just getting to know other women and girls from TNE. Come along to a day of fun and games for TNE women and girls!

We are providing a program/creche for kids aged 7 and under, and kids aged 8 and above are welcome to join in with their mums (these ages are provided as a rough guide, each mother can decide for herself what will make the day most enjoyable for her! Boys can join in too if that helps you be there).

Day and time: Saturday 10th of September, 10am til 2pm.
Venue: Holy Trinity Anglican Church, North Terrace (parking available behind Trinity)
Cost: $10 per person, under 12s are free (pay on the day).

RSVP: admin@trinitynortheast.org.au or to Jane Dewing by 7th of September.