Easter 2022
  • 2-18 Golden Grove Rd, Modbury North SA 5092

  • Modbury Primary School Hall

Easter 2022

What sort of king would you want ruling over you? 

You would want a king powerful enough to provide for your needs. But also loving enough to actually care about your needs. 

The events recorded in Matthew’s Gospel show us that even though Jesus wasn’t the type of king people were expecting, he is a good king. The sort of king we would want. But more than that, he’s the king we desperately need. 

Easter is a great time to hear about who Jesus is, what he has done, and decide for yourself if you want him to be your king.

Whether or not church is a normal thing for you, you’re welcome to join us at either or both of our Easter services:

10am Good Friday – The king’s sacrifice
Includes children’s programs, hot cross buns and a soup lunch
10am Easter Sunday – The king’s victory
Includes children’s programs and an easter egg hunt 

Both services will be held at the Modbury Primary School gym. For parking and other info, check out our Sunday page here.